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A great website is not enough.  You need targeted web traffic and visitors.  But read below to know the facts before you purchase any web traffic targeted online...

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Campaign Volume Rate Targeted?
  10,000 Premium Targeted Traffic






 25,000 Premium Targeted Traffic





  50,000 Premium Targeted Traffic






  100,000 Premium Targeted Traffic






 10,000 Premium Targeted Adult Traffic






 25,000 Premium Targeted Adult Traffic






  50,000 Premium Targeted Adult Traffic






 100,000 Premium Targeted Adult Traffic







Of course you want to increase your web traffic.  But before you purchase web traffic, know the Advertising Facts...

FFA Blasters:  If your goal is to increase link popularity, this used to help to some degree.  But lately, due to new search engine algorithms,   using ffa blasters can actually get you de-indexed from search engines...Ouch! So, if you need quick sales from your website and lots of visits, keep in mind that: your site will not be seen using FFAs (Free For All sites). 

Banner Ads:  A good form of advertising to increase web traffic for branding purposes, but tends to have lower clicks and low conversion rates.

Pay Per Click Ads:  Summed up in one word:  Expensive.  Your site will be seen, and you only pay for clicks, however, it is very expensive, so how can you justify the initial investment? 

PPC Search Engines:  Although these offer good exposure and will increase web traffic, it's still an expensive way to purchase web traffic.  It's EXPENSIVE!

Search Engine Submissions:  Slow, with no guarantees to increase web traffic.  Never use this as your sole hope to increase web traffic.  It can take many months for your site to be listed in search engines. And without link popularity, your site is likely to be buried below loads of other popular sites and you'll never get targeted web traffic this way.  Meta-tags were traditionally useful, but are no longer on the cutting edge, due to newer ranking technology.

Top Reasons You Need to purchase web traffic...

1. Your site will be seen!!  We Send The Best Targeted Web Traffic using your choice of the best traffic available. Our targeted web traffic consists of redirects from expired domains or if you prefer a non targeted option which is less expensive, your site  is  silently opened in an interstitial window for the user to see when he close or leaves the site he is visiting.   Why is that important? This is real traffic from the most prominent sites and high traffic domains where your site either is redirected in a highly targeted way, or is  silently opened in an interstitial window for the user to see when he close or leave the top window.  Interstitial exit ads are very efficient because they can relate to the same type of site. If you have a financial site then you can display your site as an exit page or a page in between a financial sites pages. The visitors see your website in their full browser and it is only your website they see. Redirected visitors are even more effective because it does not interrupt the web users online experience.

2. Lowest Prices to purchase web traffic On A Variety Of Packages. We make every effort to offer the most competitive prices. And we guarantee your site will be seen and you will increase web traffic to your site!  We even have packages which allow you to have a pop up (such as newsletter subsripts, exit ads, etc.)  Most of our competitors can't provide this service and even prohibit you to have pop ups on your landing page.

3. No Hidden Fees when you purchase web traffic. We protect your transaction from hidden processing charges with no additional recurring fees. Your purchase is always secure through our payment processor.

4. Fastest Service - Most orders are processed quickly so that you get your web visitors FASTER and set up accurately.

5. International Businesses welcomed. We accept businesses from all over the world.

6. Web Statistics Reports:  Real-Time Reporting Tools. All web traffic purchases receive an email with your login and password. There you can see all your campaign information  You have full control of your campaign.

7. Experienced People. Our sales and I.T. experts have many years of experience in the web domain and web traffic field along with a 'whatever it takes' attitude to provide you with the best possible product and service.

8. Better Service. This is not an after school business. We have a staff of full time employees and we strive on a daily basis to supply the best possible traffic available on the market. We work closely together with several partner networks and we believe that the combination of these networks delivering traffic from some of the best web sites on the Internet give our customers the best conversion rate possible.

9.  We Reveal Our Traffic Sources To You.  If you are considering buying traffic from another source, check and see if they reveal their traffic sources to you.  Chances are, they do not because their sources wouldn't stand up to your scrutiny.  We are proud of our traffic sources and proudly reveal to you these sources, without hesitation!  Not only that, but for our targeted campaigns, we'll even provide you with your visitors IP address!  Try and get that from other traffic suppliers!  We do not have "secret sources" or "secret methods" for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work. Period. You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing it. Our traffic comes from expired domain names and our large network of busy websites. When someone creates a website, they generally register a domain name to go along with it. The owner must pay a nominal fee every year to keep their domain name (about $9-$30, depending on where they bought the name). If the owner does not pay the annual fee, the domain registrar will put the name on hold. With most registrars, an "on hold" domain stops working. Most registrars allow an additional grace period of 30-90 days for the domain owner to pay the annual fee. During this period, the registrar will generally contact the domain owner many times with attempts to get them to pay the fee and reactivate the domain name. If the domain owner fails to pay on time, and fails to respond during the 30-90 day hold period, the registrar will drop the domain name. At this point, anyone can register the name. We assume that the previous owner no longer wants a dropped name and we will register the name if we feel that it will generate traffic. After we own the name, we direct it to our server and send out the traffic to the campaigns we serve. This traffic is the very best clean traffic available.   

This traffic is the very best clean traffic available.   

All Of Our Campaigns Come With:

Money Back Guarantee


Real-Time Statistics Reporting

All purchases come with a iron clad 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not  receive all of the traffic you purchased in a 30 day period, we will issue a pro-rated refund.


Delivery is measured by a real-time tracking system to insure you have received all of your traffic. Individual stats accounts are provided.

Full Size Page Views


No Hidden Fees

Visitors will automatically be directed to your actual for optimal viewing and better results.  Visitors experience your entire site, unlike banner    exposures or mini pop ups.


We guarantee that the amount of visitors you order will be delivered within 30 days or we will issue you a pro-rated refund.

Ability to Pause


24 Hour Service

If you don't want your campaign to run during certain times, then you can simply pause it.


We send quality traffic at the most competitive rates possible with the fastest service and absolutely no hidden fees.  Your campaign will go live within 24 hours, but in most cases, much faster.

Interstitial Redirected Views


Brand Recognition

Very efficient because they can relate to the same type of site.  Redirected visitors are even more effective than other types of traffic because it does not interrupt the web users online experience.


Instantly increase your company's unique brand recognition   with massive exposure.

Sell Advertising Space


Site Value  

Sell advertising space on your new 'high traffic' site.


Boost the overall value of your web site to potential investors. 


Reasons Why We Are The BEST>> 

THE lowest prices for the best traffic anywhere!
 Order UNLIMITED amounts of targeted traffic!
 Run UNLIMITED campaigns!
 Highly effective TARGETED advertising
 Campaigns completed in 30 days or your money back!
 Most orders completed in about 2 weeks!

Please Note:  These so called 'discount' sites do not necessarily offer targeted traffic.  Generally they only offer RAW Traffic (Which means the traffic can be completely untargeted, non unique visitors.  In other words, they can count the same non targeted visitors over and over again.)  We don't do that!



Thank you  for the great service!  Your customer service is the best on the internet. The traffic I have purchased has been very effective.  I would recommend anyone to your company.

You have made a customer for life.

Francis G.


It is finally a real pleasure to do business with a traffic delivery company that deliver real visitors to purchase the products I have to offer. I have been using your service for about three months and I have noticed my Conversion rate rise from a dismal ( 2 to 5 % to 30 to 49 % ) This is the type of achievement I have been looking for, For over seven years in this business. I consider it a great honor to recommend you to all my friends and business associates.

Best Regards: Louis H.


Thanks so very much for your professional, thorough and friendly is very rare and much appreciated.

Kevin P.
Chicago, IL


My name is Jack. I've been using the internet for years, but never had run an email campaign before. I was skeptical about who to trust. I finally liked what I saw on your site. Boy did I hit the jackpot! Your  customer service and support was unlike any before. You've made a customer for life here, and I highly recommend them to anybody else who is trying to get traffic and make money online.



Your service  is the FIRST company I have used that actually produced results. Other companies have made big claims, but came up way short in the results.

I look forward to much bigger and better things in the future.


Ray W.


I would like to tell you how happy I am with your services. I have had a huge boost in traffic and many people sign up already. Everything your services promise has been delivered. Thank you.

Robert C.



Thank you for the fast service! I am very satisfied with the ads and keywords and I really believe you guys know EXACTLY what my site needs.


Thanks again,

Rodney M.


May I just say that your service is superb.  I am getting so much interest in my website now.  I have been trying for 4 months to get quality targeted visitors to my site without success.  I find extremely frustrating FFA sites that bombard you with lots of crap regarding the same subject from different people run from a robotic system. I am member of a legitimate company for producing a passive income to ordinary people and will DEFINITELY make sure they use you guys.
You gave me QUALITY REAL HUMAN TARGETED VISITORS and that is hard to find. The prices for visitors are also superb.  I will always stick with you honest guys because I can trust you which is very difficult to find on the internet.

Thanks to everyone in your company,
A very satisfied customer,
Steve J,
Wales, UK


I am going to be 100% honest, I know a lot of testimonials are simply glowing with successful stories. As you know my web site was struggling of late. However, thanks to your persistence and tenaciousness, you have helped me overcome all the obstacles and have literally walked me through any difficulties we experienced when we switched over to your service. I have truly been impressed with your personal efforts on our behalf. Your experience, integrity, and professionalism is truly appreciated. Looking forward to a long and successful relationship!"

Laurence K.


I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how WONDERFUL your traffic service is. It is absolutely AMAZING. I ordered 10,000 per week and within a few hours on the VERY first day, I had over 1,000 visitors. Within the next 7 days, I had ALL 10,000 visitors. Your service is simply GOLDEN. I am very much thankful to you for your service!"

Frankie S.


Only *converting* guaranteed traffic source that I have ever used!


There was a HUGE number of hits (8,000) on my site when I ordered from you.  I use a 3rd party to track my results.  I also received $350 in orders the following day.

Thanks a million!"
Chris W.


If you've never used email marketing, email blast services or solo ads before, then you're starting at the right source for great results. 

As an advertiser using our email blast service you'll benefit from

  1. Free Leads by promoting a squeeze page with an opt-in form that builds your list automatically. Use our list to build your own list.  We guarantee you will get new subscribers on your own email list when using our services to promote your squeeze page.

  2. Increase Google ranking by increasing your traffic to your website. 

  3. Extreme exposure to your offer, your web presences and brand. 

  4. You can use our email blast service to announce new products and services to a targeted audience of interested readers.

  5. If you are offering a special limited time discount on your services or products, use our email blast service to get the word out to the masses instantly.

  6. Attract more affiliates by promoting your offer to our internet marketing list filled with affiliates looking to promote for you. 

  7. Build your down line, get new sign ups and generate a residual income. 

  8. Encouraging people to visit your blog or to connect with you on FaceBook and Twitter etc.

No matter how you look at it, our email blast service puts money in our customers pockets! 

In fact,  Consider these statistics provided by the National Sales Association:

  • 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact

  • 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact

  • 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact

  • 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact

  • 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact



We are email marketing tool leaders in solo ad email marketing with our outstanding CTR guarantee!  Regardless of how much you order, if you do not receive the Click thru rate on your link in your email ad, we will resend your campaign again at no charge until your guaranteed number of clicks is reached!  We do NOT guarantee sales.    We do track stats on all campaigns.  Please allow at least a full 7 days for the campaign to run completely.  You will still see results after 7 days, but the bulk of our readers will act on your offer in about 7 days or so.

All of our lists are double opt-in or better meaning you will never have to fear being reported for SPAM.  In fact if you ever get a SPAM complaint from an email marketing campaign purchased from us, we will refund 200% of your purchase price guaranteed!

Our Email lists are BIG and RESPONSIVE!  And that is why we can give you an excellent click thru guarantee when you use our email marketing tool.  Also, we can say with full confidence that many of our readers will sign up on your squeeze page which will build your email list.

Be sure to read our guidelines



This is a special opt in emailing designed to build your list.  So your ad needs to link to a squeeze page with your free offer.  Do not have your email ad direct to a paid offer.  It must be free with an optin box to build your list.  We do have campaigns for paid offers, but these packages on this page are designed to build your list, ... a list you can then use to sell products later (even right away), over and over again.  That is where the money is folks!    We reserve the right to edit your email swipe copy and subject line to suit our list and increase clicks and conversions for you.  Also, YES.... we do provide stats on campaigns when using this email marketing tool !



We are leaders in solo ad email marketing tool  with our outstanding CTR guarantee!  Regardless of how much you order, if you do not receive the Click thru rate on your link in your email ad, we will resend your campaign again at no charge until your guaranteed number of clicks is reached! 

All of our lists are double opt-in or better meaning you will never have to fear being reported for SPAM.  In fact if you ever get a SPAM complaint from an email marketing campaign purchased from us, we will refund 200% of your purchase price guaranteed!



Your ad content must meet the following;

Message size must be 5,000 characters or less and needs to be in text format.  Targeted email must be related content to the target areas chosen when using our email marketing tool .  In the event that the content is not considered targeted to the proper groups (Example: Fitness Ad for Financial Services) then the CTR Guarantee will be void. 


Things you should know about our service:

We reserve the right to modify the subject of the email which will remain in keeping with the original offer when using our email marketing tool.

Remember if at anytime you have questions feel free to contact us and get all the information you need to make an informed decision.