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We are giving free leads to those who purchase any of our email blast campaigns.  In order to collect the free leads we send, you'll need to use a squeeze page and promote that squeeze page in your email blast.  The squeeze page will have an opt in form where you give away some thing for free (an ebook, a video, a free trial membership, free software, templates or whatever... as long as it's free).  The leads will enter their name and email address on your opt in form on your website in exchange for you sending them the freebie.  After they opt in to your offer, you can then present them with a one time offer, up sell them or market to them over and over again later on.  That's because they will be on your list now and they are now your lead.


Simple, fast and effective.  This is the easiest way to leverage our list to build your own list.

Squeeze pages are a powerful way to capture your website visitors' email addresses to get the chance to follow up with them later - instead of letting them leave your site without buying.


What does squeeze page really mean?

If you’ve been online for at least a month, you’ve heard about terms such as…

  • Lead capture page (or lead capture magnet)
  • Teaser page
  • Name squeeze page

Here are some examples of powerful squeeze pages.  Pattern yours after one of these and start building your list today....


Order your email campaign now and get as many as 600 free leads when promoting a squeeze page.

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